We have one piece of advice for anyone out there who is starting out their new business. Branding is everything. Whether you are a plumber, accountant, builder or multinational corporation – your brand tells your story.

Branding – So What is in a Name?

Your brand tells your story. It tells the world what your business is, who stands behind it and what you stand for. Your brand evokes a sense of feeling when people see it. It jogs memories, brings smiles to faces or triggers thoughts, feelings and ultimately, action. Well, that is the aim. If you are starting out a new business, chances are you have nailed the product or service you are offering. So now you need a name.

The Perfect Business Name

The best way to do this is to put it all down on paper. Think about your business and the benefit you bring to people. You want your name to cover three essential bases:

  1. Easy to say/read/spell
  2. Catchy
  3. Memorable

Some business names – take Chilli Frog for example… are catchy (well we like to think so). Yet on its own, Chilli Frog doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot. Add ‘Marketing’ to the end and presto. Business name success.

Add a Tagline

A tagline under your logo can greatly increase the impact of your business name. It can articulate the vision and mission of your business. The golden rule is that it needs to do so in just a few words The last thing you want is a long-winded business name and even longer tagline. Keep it short, punchy and powerful.

Brand it Up Baby

Once you have nailed your name and tagline, it is time to package it up for the world to see and create a bangin’ logo. Your business logo is with you for life (well, until you undergo a rebrand), so it is essential you create a logo you love! Things to consider include:

  • Colour palettes
  • Icons
  • Font
  • Layout
  • Tagline

Beware of low-budget Providers

There are plenty of companies out there who offer low-budget (and low-quality) logo design. The last thing you want is a run-of-mill, stock standard logo without any thought put into your brand. That’s where we come in. Our comprehensive briefing process ensures we get to know your business inside and out, to create the perfect business name, tagline and logo that encapsulates everything your business stands for. Contact us to find out how we can help bring your brand out into the light for the world to see. Contact us at [email protected] to get your branding started or check out our logo and graphic design portfolios.