Wordpress website maintenance packages and support

Analogies can be painful yet so accurate. Here’s a ripper one.

Your website is like your car – or your scooter, boat, motorbike (whatever your mode of transport). It requires ongoing upkeep and maintenance to keep it running like a well-oiled machine. It is not a simple set and forget. The good news is, we can help to keep your website ticking along nicely.

As part of your website handover, you will choose to either sign up to our quarterly website maintenance plans or DIY your maintenance.

If you have the skills to perform this in-house you can DIY or you can hand it over to our team to take care of for you. There is no annual buy-in as we don’t hold our clients to ransom. You can cancel anytime. There is no stress or white screen of death when you update that plug-in yourself. Our web developer is on hand to fix any issues as soon as they arise.

Why do I need a website maintenance plan?

A website maintenance plan protects your website by providing backups, malware & security scans, theme and core updates, performance scans and speed testing.

If not up-to-date, your website is vulnerable to malicious attacks, hacks, and spyware. One outdated plugin or component on your site and you could be attacked. If anything goes wrong, we have a recent backup to restore your site quickly and easily.

Essential maintenance $145 per quarter
  • Daily backups

  • WordPress core updates

  • Theme updates

  • Plugin updates

  • Quarterly reporting

  • Speed test

  • Security monitoring

  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring

  • eCommerce sales report summary

  • Cancel anytime – no lock-in contracts.

Monthly content updates from $250 per month for regular content updates

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