The story Behind Chilli Frog Marketing

I recently had an epiphany.

True story – and it’s not because I love saying (and writing) the word ‘epiphany’.

I was meeting with a new client and I asked, ‘so what’s your story’? They launched into their background. Their personal history and that of how their new business idea came about. It was an excellent story. To which I replied with ‘Well, that story is going on your website!’.

You know why? It made a connection. They had alerted my sense of intrigue and had me hooked. I wanted to know more. I wanted to support their business as it struck a chord with me. It just… clicked.

After joining another copywriting mastermind group, a member said ‘Vanessa! You must share how you came up with your business name!’ I spend all this time delving into the brand story of my clients, yet only to not share my own.

Typical! A builder’s house is always the last to build right?

We are small and we are mighty.
When our skills combine the result is a thing of

So how was Chilli Frog Marketing created?

From little things, big things grow

So, first things first. We needed a name. Chilli Frog Marketing was the culmination of playing around with some fun kitchen essentials (the chilli) and by one little green tree frog being in the right place at the right time (that place being poking his head out of our letterbox one evening after a night out). Put two and two together – meet Chilli Frog Marketing.

A Team of Amazingly Talented Women

Another of my business goals was to empower amazing women to do great things. As a working mum, I appreciate how hard it is to find a flexible employer that appreciates hard work, yet knows that life just ‘happens’ sometimes. So I set to building myself a team of fabulously-talented women who seek flexibility yet are loyal to the core. I am proud to say I found the perfect team.

The best part about it? I get to share their talent with you – to help grow your business.

We are Chilli Frog Marketing – let us introduce ourselves.

So that’s Chilli Frog Marketing – do you think we’d be a great fit?

We’d be a great fit if you:

  • Like the look and feel of our design aesthetic (check out our portfolio)
  • Like to work as a team and with an open mind

  • Have a clear vision of your business and where you want to be and what you want to achieve

  • Like to keep to a time schedule and provide feedback on time

  • Are happy to give our team creative license and trust in our advice

  • Like to have a laugh and enjoy the process.

Don’t just take our word for it!