Our 3 stage web design & development process for your ideal website

We understand that the design and development of your new website can be a bit daunting. There are words and phrases you have never heard of before. From SEO to URLs to hosting and site maps.

We get it. 

That’s why we created our simple three stage web design process to help simplify your project. We break your website project into three clear-cut stages.


Stage 1: Pre-prep & content

40% start-up deposit

STEP 1: Briefing

Our website briefing form gives you the chance to tell us more about your desired look and feel, audience, goals and functionality.

STEP 2: Site map & content

Now we outline your navigation and site page structure. We refine your content, whether you are supplying your copy or choosing our SEO copywriting add-on.

STEP 3: Imagery & moodboard

We will compile a website moodboard full of your supplied or sourced imagery that will conjure up your website personality, look and feel.

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Stage 2: Design & development

30% progress payment

STEP 4: Homepage mockup

Now we start designing your homepage mockup. You will have two sets of design tweaks and changes until we nail the look you are after.

STEP 5: Design & development

We now dive into the complete website design and development. You’ll review your site in live demo mode with the capability to navigate all pages.

STEP 6: Design review

From here we make final cosmetic changes ready for launch. Once we have your final design approval we move to Wrap Up Phase.


Stage 3: Wrap up

30% final payment

STEP 7: Final edits & testing

We make any final edits and tweaks to your site. We transfer your site to your hosting and run through our testing and quality control steps.

STEP 8: Go live!

It’s time to go live! You will receive a step-by-step walk through of your new website, how to make simple copy and image changes or upload products to your shop.

STEP 9: When all is said & done

The ongoing health of your website is essential. We’ll discuss your ongoing website maintenance – whether you go DIY or sign up to our quarterly maintenance plan.

Streamlined website communication with Trello

Great communication is the key to every successful project. That’s why we provide you with a customised project Trello board, unique to your project. We will work our way through the Trello board steps together to keep your project on track.

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