Making the Most of WordPress

We absolutely love WordPress. Let’s just start there. Why you ask? Because literally anything is possible with thousands of plugins available to extend a site’s functionality.

In our decade of developing, we use a handful of awesome WordPress plugins on every website we develop. You can be sure to find these in your list of plugins on your site when designed by our awesome team.

Gravity Forms

Gravity forms is the top rated form creation plugin on the market. It offers brilliant functionality and a huge selection of add-ons to extend your forms. It’s drag and drop interface makes creating and editing forms a breeze. Gravity Forms also allows you to quickly and easily integrate with a variety of third party services and provides for even deeper integration with WordPress through a collection of optional Add-Ons. Premium add-ons are only available with a pro licence, however basic add-ons such as MailChimp integration is included in the base price of $59USD. All Chilli Frog sites are inclusive of the full suite of premium add-ons under our Developer Licence. Check out Gravity Forms here:


Web Development has evolved in such a way that amazing design is more important than ever. But in addition, speed is just as important. Back in the day websites were very basic and took hardly any time to load, even with slower internet. These days with fast internet and a society that has little time to waste, we have to ensure to strike a balance between beautiful design and acceptable load times. That’s where WPRocket comes in.

With just a few clicks WPRocket handles caching, file compression and minification. What does that mean? Web caching stores your website data for re-delivery to users, such as a copy of a web page served by your web server. With caching activated whenever a user requests the website to be loaded, they will be shown a preloaded copy of the site which helps keep the server from getting overloaded. Furthermore, WPRocket optimises load time by compressing javascript and CSS files and organising them into smaller files which can be read faster and easier by the server. WPRocket starts from $49 for a single site licence. All Chilli Frog sites are inclusive of WPRocket under our Developer Licence. Check out WPRocket here:


Yoast SEO is the #1 WordPress plugin for Search Engine Optimisation. With it’s on page SEO optimisation tool, you can apply focus keywords to your site and use the handy traffic light indicators which scan your content and advise how well it works for your focus keyword. You can follow the suggestions to optimise your text and imagery to best prepare your website to rank well in Google for your chosen keywords. When choosing a Chilli FRog website package, we edit your content to Yoast-friendly copy. Yoast is available for free through the WordPress plugin repository but you can find out more here:

iThemes Security

All websites need security. It’s a sad fact that over 30,000 websites are hacked each day! iThemes security helps to fix any cracks in your website armour. It enables brute force protection with secure passwords, hidden login URLs, lockdown and more. All Chilli Frog sites come with iThemes settings preconfigured for optimal security. The plugin is free and available through the WordPress repository.

Video User Manuals

Available exclusively with websites built by Chilli Frog, Video User Manuals is an Australian-built plugin containing a huge library of how to videos. We know how daunting it can be learning to use a new website, so we ensure there’s always a tutorial only a few clicks away right within your website dashboard.

A Final Note on WordPress Plugins

We have one last note when choosing a provider for your new website. Be sure to choose one that understands the importance of both design and development. They go hand-in-hand and without one, the other fails. Choosing the right WordPress plugins can make all the difference to the functionality, speed, security and search engine optimisation of your new website.