When Being a Local Counts

There was a time when I first started out that the thought of being a local web and graphic design business in Kingscliff terrified me. What if I don’t find any clients? What if those clients I convert don’t like me? What if they are not happy with the final product? How do I pitch to my local community?

Funny as I now look back as an established business within my local Tweed community and laugh at myself for all my unfounded fears. You know why?

Because being a local business rocks. We’ve helped a local builder, solar retailer & installer, daycare & preschool, retirement village, personal trainer and project consultancy firm to name just a few. So now, instead of hiding away, I prefer to shout it from the rooftops!

The benefits of staying local when outsourcing your design and website needs are huge. And I’m are here to tell you why…

How Staying Local When Outsourcing Your Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

  1. Face -to-face meetings

    There is nothing like a one-on-one meeting to kickstart any business relationship. We are so used to our virtual workplaces, that meetings in person can be few and far between. We converse via email and skype, maybe a phone call or two – but nothing beats seeing your client face-to-face. It helps as you progress through your project and makes those ongoing conversations easier and more enjoyable. Plus it is always great to put a face to a name.

  2. We know your market

    When helping to launch a local business, we know the market. We know the local area, the demographic and the changing tide of the area. Chances are, we also have some great local networks we can bounce off together too.

  3. When we see you in Woolies we’ll say hi!

    I recently engaged works with a new local client. Now we see each other at least every fortnight doing the woollies run. And you know what? It’s lovely! We chat how business is going, how the kids are and carry on.

  4. It benefits the community

    This is a big one for me. By keeping it local, we are building the greatness in our own community. What better way to build our area than to boost each other up towards a common goal. I love seeing businesses I have helped grow and thrive. Plus it brings a sense of pride when I see their branding plastered across town!

  5. Ongoing support

    We might help you with your new business branding or we may build you your brand spanking new website. Whatever way we help you to grow your business, we are always on hand when you need us again. Say you may need a website refresh a few years down the track, or you choose to start selling your products online or start writing a regular blog. We have got you covered, and we are just a coffee meeting away!

Better yet, it gives us all a good chance to get out and sample the best coffee in town – mine for sure being Chinny Brew of late. Nothing sets you up for a better client meeting than sunshine, good coffee, sunflowers and maybe a homemade brownie to top it all off.

If you are ready to catch up for a Chinny Brew coffee and discover the benefits of staying local when outsourcing your marketing efforts, give me a call on 0466 393 324 or drop me an email at [email protected] and let’s Keep it Local!